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The Arabic Script is introduced to students in the online Basic Quran Reading Course. Students are also introduced to the fundamentals of Tajweed. This is among the top Quranic online courses available. For those who are attempting to recite the Holy Quran for the first time, this course is especially helpful. This lesson is intended for both adults and children. The pronunciation of the Arabic alphabet is the main subject of the online Quran academy. The course material is contained in a single booklet. The name of this booklet is Norani Qaida. For ages, it has been taught in conventional madrasas. We also give the students access to movies. If there is anything you missed in class, these videos help to explain it. Students who have finished the Basic Quran Reading Course are able to identify and spell terms from the Arabic and Quran. 


  • Correct pronunciation of Arabic letters from their proper origin (Makhraj).
  • Learning of Alphabets shapes.
  • Compounds Letters or Huroof e Murakkabat.
  • Harakaat (Movements).
  • Standing Movements or Vertical Harakaat.
  • Maddah Letters.
  • Leen Letters.
  • Sukoon (Jazm).
  • Tashdeed.
  • Nunnation or Tanween.
  • Rules of Noon Sakin.
  • Rules of Meem Sakin.
  • Rules of Stop (Waqf).
  • Noorani Qaida exercises with the rules of Tajweed.



Teaching children about Islam and the Quran is the best gift parents can give their children. It’s common knowledge that learning anything is best done while one is young. For this reason, we have created the Noorani Qaida Course especially for children, which offers an engaging and enjoyable environment for them to learn the Quran. To make learning simple and pleasant for your child, our tutors use engaging and interactive teaching techniques. Our tutors provide Noorani Qaida with tajweed norms in a methodical manner that even a five-year-old child may understand and follow. It would offer him/her the self-assurance to finish studying the Quran with devotion and love.

Fee affordability:

We will provide our students a fee relaxation; we are not limited by the schedule we have been given. We can provide a concession if someone is concerned about the cost.We’ll arrange the payment based on your availability.


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Islam is a religion of harmony. It instructs us on how to follow Allah’s rules and lead moral lives. Knowing the fundamentals of Islam is a must before becoming a practicing Muslim. It is important for Muslim youngsters to understand the difference between what is considered haram and what is considered halal, so they can make better decisions in life. Our Islamic Studies for Kids Course is intended for kids who wish to learn about the core principles of Islam. The fundamentals of Islam must be taught to all Muslim children. How a pure life should be lived, and how to stay away from sin.

Alharamtutos makes it feasible for a Muslim family to visit and gain an understanding of Islam and the Quran. For kids, we offer one-on-one Islamic tutoring online. You can reach us from anywhere in the globe.


What is covered in the Islamic Studies for Kids course for kids?
Youngsters will acquire vital and necessary understanding about Islam, for instance.

Fundamental Aqaa’id: (Qiyamah, Holy Prophets, Holy Books, Angels, and Allah).
The Five Pillars are: Hajj, Zakat, Shahadah, Prayer, and Fasting.
Faith: Imaan-e-Mufassil & Imaan-e-Mujmal, our beliefs
Taharah: Ghusal, Wudhu. When and how to obtain different types of Taharah (purification).
Salah (Namaz) Instruction: The significance of Salah, the five-time prayer practice (Azaan, prayer names and timings, Fard, Wajib, Sunnat, and Nafal payers). Jumuah, funeral, and Eid prayer procedures.
Du’as include various everyday activities such as drinking milk, looking in the mirror, entering the house after sneezing, and increasing knowledge.
Hadith: Forty well-known Hadith.
Memorization exercises include the last 20 Surahs of the Holy Quran, the Six Kalimas, the Ayah-tul-Kursi, the Dua-e-Qunoot, the Islamic months, etc.


The Islamic Studies for Kids Course will teach kids what?
For instance, kids will understand the fundamentals and necessities of Islam.

Fundamental Aqaa’id: (Qiyamah, Islamic texts, angels, Allah, and holy prophets).
Prayer, fasting, Zakat, Hajj, and Shahadah are the Five Pillars.
Religion: Imaan-e-Mufassil & Imaan-e-Mujmal, our doctrines (اόمان).
Wudhu and Ghusal are Taharah. What type of Taharah (purification) to obtain and when to get it.
Training for Salah (Namaz): Five-time Prayer Practice (Azaan, Name and Timings of Prayers, Fard, Wajib, Sunnat and Nafal payers), Significance of Salah, Namaste. Procedure for the Prayers at Funerals and Eids.
Among many other everyday activities, du’as include learning more, drinking milk, gazing in the mirror, coming inside after sneezing, and many others.
40 well-known Ahadith are included.
The Holy Quran’s final twenty Surahs, the Six Kalimas, Ayah-tul-Kursi, Dua-e-Qunoot, the Islamic months, and so on should all be committed to memory.

Quran Reading course

Every Muslim has an obligation to read the Holy Quran according to Tajweed guidelines. We have designed our online Quran Reading Course with children and adults of all ages and genders in mind. This course is intended for students who have recently finished the Noorani Qaida course, can read the Quran, but would like to get better at reading. The Quran Reading course will provide students experience using the techniques they learned in the Qaida course, which will boost their confidence. Our instructor will make sure the student completes the course on schedule and reads the entire Quran.

Course outline

  • Quran recitation with proper Arabic accent.
  • Recitation with Hadar and Tarteel.
  • How letter changes its form in the Quran.
  • How long harakaat should be stretched.
  • Places where, recitation should be stopped or continued.
  • Apply rules of Izhar, Ikhfa, Idgham and Iqlab.
  • Apply rules of Izhar-e-shafawi, Ikhfa-e-shafawi, Idgham-e-shafawi.
  • Quran Reading from Surah Al-fatiha till Surah Annas.


The student must understand vowels, sukoon, madd, tanween, and shaddah. They also need to know how to join and read Arabic words in makharij. If not, all you have to do to begin reading the Quran is complete the Basic Noorani Qaida Course.

Students who complete this course will be able to read the Holy Quran correctly in terms of pronunciation.

Can’t You Read the Holy Quran Well? Would You Please Check Out Our Online Quran Courses?

Do you find it difficult to properly read the Holy Quran? Do you want to become a better recitationist and gain a deeper comprehension of the verses in the Quran? There’s nowhere else to look! Online Quran courses have become popular in the current digital era as a practical and easily available approach to interact with educated educators and improve your Quranic education. Online Quran courses have transformed Quranic education by providing a flexible and easily accessible environment for people of various backgrounds and ages. Online Quran classes can be tailored to your individual needs, regardless of your level of experience or desire to enhance your recitation skills.


How can  I recite the quran?

To recite the Quran, there are a few precise guidelines. The Quran consists of thirty chapters. For your convenience, we have published every chapter to our website. Under the guidance of Islamic scholars, they were gathered following extensive research. We deal with uniqueness and genuineness. The beautiful voices of the Qaari, or Quran recitations, are recorded all throughout the world. It makes no difference where you are—at home or at work—if you use our website to memorize the Quran. The learners of this course get a better understanding of Arabic speech patterns. To acquaint students with Arabic, our qualified teachers employ interesting teaching methods.

  • The emphasis of the Quran recitation course has been on the various ways that each alphabet should be pronounced in various terms.
  • Particular pauses and indications of continuance exist. Our committed educators assist the pupils in becoming acquainted with them. This information enhances kids’ ability to recite
  • Islamic scholars from all Islamic sects can be found at Online Quran Academy. They are proficient in teaching a variety of Tajweed regulations, such as Qalb, Ghunna, and Ikhfa Meem Saakin, among many others.

Tejweed course

Students who have finished the Quran Reading course and are able to read the Quran but would like to improve their tajweed skills are the target audience for this course. Students will practice implementing the tajweed rules they learned in the basic level course, which will boost their confidence. Repetition and a great deal of practice are two key components of proficient Quranic reading. We’ll go over all of the fundamental tajweed rules and practice reading aloud.


  • Makhaarij (points of articulation).
  • Waqf (Rules of Stopping).
  • Vowels.
  • Qalqalah.
  • Sun and Moon letters.
  • Rules of Izhar-e-Halaqi, Ikhfa, Idgham-e-Yarmaloon, Iqlab.
  • Rules of Izhar-e-shafawi, Ikhfa-e-shafawi, Idgham-e-shafawi.
  • Reading Practice (Surah Al-Fatiha).
  • Reading Practice (Para 30).
  • Exercises with the rules of Tajweed.


The learner must be able to read Arabic words and be familiar with the terms Harakaat, sukoon, madd, tanween, and shaddah because this is the follow-up course for applying the Tajweed Rules in the Quran Reading Course. Before beginning the Tajweed Course, you only need to finish the Quran Reading Course.
Students graduate from this course with the ability to properly read the Holy Quran using tajweed.


  • Ahadith, or the remarks made by the Prophet Muhammad in reaction to certain events that happened in his everyday life, are the main source of the Prophet Muhammad’s Sunnah. This course is significant since it will provide students with greater knowledge about pure Sunna. Shari’a, or Islamic law, is said to have its second major source in the hadith.

    Course Outline
    Throughout this course, the learner will:
    Find out the interpretations of the Hadith
    Be aware of each Hadith’s source.
    Know over one hundred Hadith by heart.
    Recognize the various Hadith kinds.


How to study online hadith course ?

Clarity Increases in the Teachings and Sayings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) An exclusive online Hadith course has been developed by Alharamtututors for Muslims of all ages.
The class will remain focused and engaged as our tutors guide the students step-by-step through the learning of the main Hadith components, types, definitions of Matn and Sanad, and their varieties.
Teachers will have a quick meeting with students prior to the start of the course to see how well-versed they are in the basics of Arabic, Islam, and the Prophet.

Significance of hadith 

The most significant aspect of Islam is the hadith, without which the holy Quran would be incomprehensible. Hadiths are stories told by the holy Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wa sallam). Online courses on hadith are intended for both children and adults who want to learn Islam the proper way and become closer to Allah SWT.

After the Holy Quran, hadith is the second main source of Islamic jurisprudence. Any deed, speech, or attribute connected to the Prophet (PBUH) or his purposeful silence is contained in hadith. In addition to providing clarification on many of the Quran’s more ambiguous commands, Hadith also lays out in great detail how we are to spend our daily lives and provides us with guidance up until the Day of Judgment. We must give thanks to the Prophet’s companions for the records that have survived to this day. To that end, our website offers online Hadith courses to anybody who wishes to comprehend and incorporate the real spirit of Islam into their life. 

Alharamtutos makes it feasible for a Muslim family to visit and gain an understanding of Islam and the Quran. For kids, we offer one-on-one Islamic tutoring online. You can reach us from anywhere in the globe.


  • Muslims from all around the world are taught the Quran by qualified Quran instructors at Online Quran Academy. “Learning the meanings of words” is what the word Tafseer refers to. It enhances comprehension of the Hadith and the Quran. In order to give us divine guidance to live our lives in accordance with Allah’s will, the goal of Tafseer’s course is to provide a general grasp of His commandments.

    What is tafseeer 

    Tafseer definition can be understood by focusing on it’s root. The word “Tafseer” or “Tafsir” is actually an Arabic word (تفسير) which linguistically means “interpretation” or exegesis.

    Accordingly, the “Tafsir Quran” can be defined as this Quranic and Islamic science that provides translation, explanation, interpretation, or commentary to the Quranic verses to better understand Quran word by word.

  • Outlne of this course:

    Alhararamtutors offering  online uran tafseer course which covered all the important topics with an emphasis on Tafseer. This program comprises:

    • Rules of Arabic grammar
    • Meanings of verses and Hadith
    • Understanding and application of commandments of Allah
    • Tajweed with related Qiraat style
    • Ilmul Blagah
    • Usul Tafseer
    • Rabt between surah
    • Shaan-e-Nuzool

How to  study Quran tafseer for  beginners?

Have you ever considered studying Tafsir from the Quran? If so, studying the Quran online with Tafseer is the most effective way to do it. This method will work with your hectic schedule and enable you to receive a top-notch education even in the absence of Quran Tafseer instructors in your area.

Tafseer Quran will broaden your comprehension of these sacred words and open your eyes, whether you learn it for yourself or your children. This can help you and your children develop a passion for the Quran.

We now understand the term and significance of tafsir. In order to better ourselves, we can now proceed to study the Tafseer. For those who wish to study Tafsir but are merely at the beginning stage, here are some pointers.

  • Begin by reading and comprehending the Quran’s translation in your mother tongue.
  • Acquire a rudimentary understanding of classical Arabic grammar and vocabulary, as the Quran is authored in this language.
    Examine the background of the Quran’s history, encompassing the life of Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) and the early Islamic society.
    • Gain knowledge of the various Tafseer approaches, such as the historical, spiritual, and literal ones.

    • Start reading the Tafseer commentary written by reputable scholars like al-Tabari, al-Qurtubi, and ibn Kathir.
    • Focus on one surah (chapter) at a time when practicing reading the Quran aloud using Tafseer.
    • Take a class on Tafseer, sign up for an online course, or join a study group to learn from knowledgeable instructors and engage in group discussions on the Quran.
    • Have patience; it may take some time and effort to fully comprehend the Quran and its Tafseer.
    To learn and become proficient in Tafseer in Arabic, you may always sign up for an online course offered by Alharamtutors.

Why choose us?

We can impart knowledge to our Muslim brothers and sisters through the finest academics from esteemed Islamic institutions worldwide. Additionally, we have female Quran instructors on staff for Muslim daughters and sisters.Anyone of any age, regardless of gender or nationality, can benefit from taking an online Quran Tafseer course.
We use various multimedia components to increase learners’ engagement in our individualized one-on-one learning sessions.In order to assess our teachers’ performance, we provide free trial classes.Upon successful completion of the online Tafseer course, we also award a certificate. Students must, however, pass an exam.

We fill up the knowledge gaps with authentic, superior supplemental information.

Our qualified instructors are on call around-the-clock. As a result, you can set up classes around your schedule. 

We create a customized plan based on students’ cognitive capacities so they can learn everyday lessons efficiently.Our qualified academics can communicate with students more effectively by speaking in your mother tongue—English, Urdu, or Arabic, 

History of islam 

Over 1,400 years make up the rich fabric of Islamic history, which began in what is now modern-day Saudi Arabia in the 7th century CE when the Prophet Muhammad received revelations from Allah (God). The holy book of Islam, the Quran, is a compilation of these revelations. The Islamic group, or Ummah, grew quickly after Muhammad’s death in 632 CE, capturing large lands and building a sizable and powerful civilization. Islamic history was significantly shaped by the early Islamic caliphates, such as the Rashidun and Umayyad caliphates. The Islamic Golden Age was marked by intellectual, scientific, and cultural advancements brought about by the spread of Islam throughout Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Trial  classes 

You don’t pay for the first two unless you find a good fit. Enjoy free Quran classes online for a week, and start lessons with confidence with the best Quran tutors online.

Unlikely the pre-recorded classes our best online Quran academy provides one on one classes via Skype, and every student interacts with his/her own private Quran tutor.

Our male and female online Quran teachers are just like your friends. Our teachers are encouraging and motivating, that’s what makes Quran classes interesting.


  • There is no registration fee to get registered.
  • Free trial session before regular Quran classes.
  • A small monthly fee with NO long term contract.


Our staff 

 Our instructors have extensive training and expertise in respective fields.

  • Ladies and girls can also receive instruction in the Quran from qualified women teachers.
  •  More cordial and helpful employees work for us.

 They permit their students to express their opinions.

  • Modern teaching methadoogy 
  • Lecture  notes 

Individual session 

  • Interactive live Quran class.
  • Personal Quran teacher deals with individual student in the class.
  • Special attention is given on single student

We give every sin  do not prefer large congregations as they are unsuitable for online system. Only one student at a time.  do not prefer large congregations as they are unsuitable for online system. Only one student at a time.  do not prefer large congregations as they are unsuitable for online system. Only one student at a time. gle student special attention. We do not prefer large congregations as they are unsuitable for online system. Only one student at a time. We give every single student special attention. We do not prefer large congregations as they are uns.

Learning Namaz

Learning Namaz, the ritualistic prayers in Islam, is not just a religious duty but a profound and transformative practice. It serves as a direct line of communication between the believer and the Divine, providing moments of reflection.

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