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Our instructors are highly qualified and dedicated to ensuring that students receive the best Quranic education.



Hosting a yearly award show to recognize and celebrate the achievements of the top students in your online Quran academy is an excellent way to motivate and inspire learners.

24/7 Services

A 24-hour service allows students from different parts of the world to access Quranic education at their convenience in various time zones and geographical locations.

About Us

Alharam Tutors is among the top Islamic online platforms that teach individuals how to interact with the Quran and Islam.  This is an additional step for our Islamic brothers and sisters who are too old or preoccupied with worldly concerns to learn the correct recitation of the Quran, but have been serving the public for more than ten years as tutors, all with the sole goal of disseminating the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. All of our Muslim brothers and sisters are advised to enroll in this online Quran academy and acquire proper Quranic reading skills. It is our religious obligation as Muslims to endeavor to comprehend every word of the Quran in addition to reciting it.

Our contribution’s primary goal is to bridge the gap with Islam; to that end, we cordially invite recently converted Muslims to our institute. We sincerely appreciate all that you have done.  

It is one of the most inspiring moments when a person enters the mosque and announces Shahada  There is no God but Allah and Muhammad (SAW) is His Prophet”. Although, everyone gets excited by this what the next challenges are to be faced by the new Muslims in the community. Similarly, the community has some responsibilities on its shoulders to treat the new Muslims in a way that they continue their right path. Therefore, we must follow the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (SAW) regarding such people who were converted from other religions to Islam in Arab.”


Muslim parents have a moral obligation to educate their children in Islam so that they can comprehend Allah’s commands and live their lives correctly. To learn and comprehend Islam, one needs to set aside some time from their everyday schedule. The majority of Muslim parents who reside in non-Muslim nations wish to introduce Islam to their kids, but they are unable to do so because there are no Islamic schools in their area. Online Islamic tutoring services provided by Alharamtutors have gained a lot of popularity among Muslims residing in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, and Europe. Muslim children are required to receive a basic Islamic education at Islamic academies.

Our vission

“The best among you is he who learns the Quran and teaches it” (Bukhari)


Our goal is to offer high-quality Islamic and Quranic instruction online. Reciting the Holy Quran according to Tajweed guidelines is the primary goal. In Salah (Namaz), Tajweed is required for respect and submission. Tajweed is also one of the manners for reading the sacred Quran. Online Quran Academy believes that every Muslim should be familiar with the fundamentals of Islam. The academy’s “online” component is an expansion of that objective.

How to learn Quran online?

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